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Getting Started


Local Adapter


Comes with the main Flysystem package.


use League\Flysystem\Filesystem;
use League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local;

$adapter = new Local(__DIR__.'/path/to/root');
$filesystem = new Filesystem($adapter);


By default this adapter uses a lock during writes and updates. This behaviour can be altered using the second constructor argument.

$adapter = new Local(__DIR__.'/path/to/too', 0);

The Local adapter doesn’t support links, this violates the root path constraint which is enforced throughout Flysystem. By default, when links are encountered an exception is thrown. This behaviour can be altered using the third constructor argument.

// Skip links
$adapter = new Local(__DIR__.'/path/to/too', LOCK_EX, Local::SKIP_LINKS);

// Throw exceptions (default)
$adapter = new Local(__DIR__.'/path/to/too', LOCK_EX, Local::DISALLOW_LINKS);

File and directory permission settings [added in 1.0.14]

$adapter = new Local(__DIR__.'/path/to/too', LOCK_EX, Local::DISALLOW_LINKS, [
    'file' => [
        'public' => 0744,
        'private' => 0700,
    'dir' => [
        'public' => 0755,
        'private' => 0700,