Directory Listings

Directory listings allow you to inspect the contents of a filesystem. The functionality is provided by the listContents method. You can fetch shallow and deep listings by specifying if the listing should be recursive or not.

The shallow listings will always provide you with every file and directory in the listed path. The deep listings may provide you with the directories, but will always return all the files contained in the path.

Backed by generators

The directory listings use generators to provide an efficient delivery mechanism for storage items within the filesystems. This comes with one caveat; listings are a “read-once” response. Unlike arrays, when a generator has yielded all of its response the items are gone.

Filtering listing items

You can filter directory listings using the filter method.

$allFiles = $filesystem->listContents('/some/path')
    ->filter(fn (StorageAttributes $attributes) => $attributes->isFile());

Mapping listing items

You can transform directory listings using the map method.

/** @var string[] $allPaths */
$allPaths = $filesystem->listContents('/some/path')
    ->filter(fn (StorageAttributes $attributes) => $attributes->isFile())
    ->map(fn (StorageAttributes $attributes) => $attributes->path())

Sorting directory listings

In V1 directory listing responses were sorted, in V2 this is not the case by default. To sort the listing, call the sortByPath method on the directory listing. Sorting directory listings will automatically retrieve all the items as opposed to the default generator based responses, which are more memory performant.

$sortedListing = $filesystem->listContents('/somewhere/over/the/rainbox')

Storage attributes

Directory listings contain storage attributes, objects that expose information about the items contained in a (part of a) filesystem.

There are two types of storage attributes:

  • League\Flysystem\DirectoryAttributes
  • League\Flysystem\FileAttributes

The common interface (League\Flysystem\StorageAttributes) provides some common information:

  • isDir(): bool: to check whether the item is a directory
  • isFile(): bool: to check whether the item is a file
  • path(): string: to retrieve the location of the item

ArrayAccess for attributes

The previous version of the directory listings returned arrays. These arrays were easy, but didn’t give any type-safety and required consumers to know a lot about the library’s internal structure. For V2, storage attribute classes are introduced. For legacy style access, these classes implement the ArrayAccess interface, which allows you to fetch information from the instances as if they are arrays.

For example:

$lastModified = $fileAttributes->lastModified();
// is the same as
$lastModified = $fileAttributes['last_modified'];