What is visibility?

Flysystem provides a simplified approach to dealing with permissions, called visibility. Visibility, is a string based configuration option that allows you set permissions on files and directories. The visibility conversion classes and interfaces give you fine-grained control over permissions for every adapter.

Portable visibility

By default, all the adapters understand a public/private visibility setting. This setting is translated to the adapter’s own way of interpreting this setting. The interpretation is aimed to be similar in effect across all adapters. This can, however, not fit your needs. In this case you can implement your own visibility strategy.

Unix-style visibility

For filesystems with a Unix-style visibility system, like on MacOS and Linux, these string values are translated to permissions like 0600 or 0744. The unix-style visibility module provides an implementation to configure how you want these values to be interpreted.

Unix-style visibility is used for:

  • LocalFilesystemAdapter
  • PhpseclibV2Adapter
  • FtpAdapter

Custom visibility

Every adapter has its own visibility conversion interface you can use to implement your own visibility strategy.

Adapter Visibility Interface
AsyncAws S3 League\Flysystem\AsyncAwsS3\VisibilityConverter
AWS S3 League\Flysystem\AwsS3V3\VisibilityConverter
Local League\Flysystem\UnixVisibility\VisibilityConverter
FTP League\Flysystem\UnixVisibility\VisibilityConverter
SFTP League\Flysystem\UnixVisibility\VisibilityConverter